“I know that if we are under Allah’s shade on the day of judgement, it will be due to the amount of love (for the sake of our Lord) that my YMS gals and I have for one another. Alhamdullilah, it is a true blessing for me to say that they are more than my sisters in Islam, but a true extension of my own family.

– Fatima M.

“The idea behind YM is so important. YMS-KC encourages a strong bond of sisterhood among the members. Our love for Allah, His Messenger, and His Deen is what unites us beyond our differences.  SubhanAllah, that’s an amazing sight! YMS-KC is THE platform for young women in our NeighborNet serving the Greater Kansas City area, which allows them to have a voice in their community and feel right at home.”

– Maliha K.

“I love hanging out with the sisters that are a part of our NeighborNet! Everytime we get together, we have fun and it’s all for the sake of Allah. It’s nice to be able to take your mind off of school, work, etc.  You learn a lot to because each sister brings different qualities to the group.”

– Hiba K.

I love YMS-KC! I love being a part of an organization that wants to make its community the best. By gaining knowledge, hosting events, bringing people together! I love all of that. Before I knew about YM coming to KC, I always envied the YM chapter in Chicago and wanted one so BADLY in my city. And Alhamdulilah Allah has answered my prayers. I wish to Kansas City to be a place where knowledge is gained and sought, a place with there is Baraka, a place where people love one another and sisterhood (and brotherhood) is present, a place where there is Khayr. And I believe YMS-KC is the tool to bring all of this to our city! And if you want to be a part of this Khayr join YMS-KC!”

– Roda M.

“Being involved in YMS-KC has provided me with an experience has not only allowed me to become more involved in community service, but has also allowed me to spread the word of Islam in the process. I would recommend others to join because it’s a good experience, gathering with our Muslim sisters in the community, hoping to change this Ummah for the better.”

– Safia A.



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