Reclaiming Our Hearts

On Saturday, March 22nd, we were blessed with the opportunity to have Sr. Yasmin Mogahed, international speaker, author, writer, and motivator, join us at a Sisters’ Spiritual Retreat which was organized in conjunction with MAS-Youth KC and the MSA at Kansas University. The retreat was held at the KU Edwards Campus – Best Conference Center. Nearly 250 people benefited from the six-hour program, which included three sessions by Sr. Yasmin, each followed by Q&A, as well as salah, dinner, bazaar shopping from seventeen different local Muslim businesses/vendors, and a raffle prize giveaway of five different prizes, including a free copy of Sr. Yasmin’s book, Reclaim Your Heart! The program ended with Maghrib prayer and book-selling/book-signing by Sr. Yasmin.

The program content focused on liberating ourselves from all standards but Allah’s standards and transforming the unhealthy bonds we have with people/matters of the dunya to the healthy, stable bond we should have with Allah (swt) and ways to be able to maintain that bond and spirituality in everyday life. Alhamdulillah, the attendees included not only sisters from the KC area, but also many other cities/states, including Lawrence, Topeka, Wichita, Columbia, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and more!

We hope that everyone was able to benefit and enjoy the program, and we look forward to similar future events, Insha’Allah.


Sr. Yasmin Mogahed

Click the image above to view more photos from the event.


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